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 spellbound - character driven hp rp, post potter 2009
Rose Ameile Hunter
 Posted: Aug 5 2017, 11:06 PM
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Rose Ameile Hunter

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Spellbound is a character-driven Hogwarts RPG set in the year 2009, Teddy Lupin's First Year. If you have any questions about Spellbound, join the Discord with the link below and chat with us or message one of the staff members. We welcome you to cast your own spell!

Please make sure to read through the following posts to get you started!

[THE FACEBOOK PAGE] https://www.facebook.com/groups/spellboundhprp/

[COMMUNITY RULES AND GUIDELINES] http://poweringrp.proboards.com/thread/81/...uidelines-rules
[CHARACTER APPLICATION] http://poweringrp.proboards.com/thread/78/...ter-application
[CHARACTER RULES] http://poweringrp.proboards.com/thread/80/...-creation-guide

Join us today!​

[DISCORD] https://discord.gg/eMEHrYX
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