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 Seeking Staff
butterbeer cupcakes
 Posted: Jul 20 2017, 01:34 PM
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Slytherin House
AKA Taylor
24 Years Old

Staff Search
Join Our Team
Catch the Snitch is an interactive, Harry Potter inspired Resource community opened since April 2017. Offering Challenges, resources and promotions for artists, coders and writers alike, what sets us apart from our competitors is our theme. Catch the Snitch is more than a typical resource forum, bringing to the table house sorting, the house cup competition and other themed site wide events. If you are a driven, friendly and responsible individual who loves Harry Potter, we would love to have you join our team.

At this time we are asking that all applicants are 17+ and have Skype messenger. The majority of team communication id conducted through the skype group chat and we would prefer to have all staff have access to this chat. The available positions are listed below. If you are interested in an opening please PM here or Skype me at tjbutterfly92.

Professors – 1 Opening

Professors are the leading staff on the site. They are responsible for the site as a whole but take direct leadership in specific areas of the site, overseeing those sections and the other staff who moderate them. Professors are a collective voice in deterring student promotions, award and deduct house points and orchestrate the main events of the site. They approve new galleries and maintain organization of that section as well as enforce the community’s rules and maintain site security.

Heads of House – 4 openings

Heads of House answer directly to the Professors and assist their corresponding Professor in specific areas of the board. They supervise the prefects moderating their areas, may award or deduct house points and sort members. They welcome our new and/or potential students as well as enforce the community’s rules and maintain site security.

Resource Prefects- 3 Openings

Resource Prefects are the individuals who oversee one resource area of the site. Collectively the team makes up the Coding, Graphics and Writing areas of the site, but each Resource Prefect is responsible for one area. They will post tutorials and resources to their section, review and accept new tutorials and resources, answer support threads, provide requested critique and help fill requests. To ensure that these areas are organized and maintained accurately we ask that these prefects are proficient in their given skill and willing to post a gallery.

Challenge Prefects – 2 Openings

Challenge Prefects are the creative masterminds of the site. They work to ensure that each section has ongoing challenges at all times, begin challenge polls for completed challenges, maintain organization of the challenge areas and design awards for winners.

Advertising Prefects – 1 Opening

Advertising prefects are the foreign relations specialists. They spread the word about our site by posting or advert on new sites as well as maintain relations with sites by accepting ads posted to our site and linking our ad back. They are charged with the organization of the advertising section by sorting ads correctly, clearing out old ads, and enforcing the advertising rules.

The Application:

[b]Your Name:[/b] here [b]Your Birthday:[/b] D/MM/YYYY [b]Position(s) Applying For:[/b] You may pick 2 areas, please list the position you are most interested in first. [b]Your Experience:[/b] What previous experience do you have? [b]Provide Examples:[/b] We ask that you provide 2-3 examples of what you feel reflects the role you are applying for. (I.e. resource prefects examples of their proficiency in their skill, challenge prefects examples of a challenge idea, etc.) What you choose to provide is up to you. [b] How much time can you dedicate to the site?[/b] To ensure our staff can be active on the site as both members and staff how many hours per week can you estimate being online? [b] About you:[/b] 3-4 sentences about yourself. [b] Skype;[/b] How can we reach you on Skype? [b] Contact:[/b] If hired what is your preferred method for members to contact you? [b] Additional Notes:[/b] Anything else you wish to be considered.
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