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 Advertising Rules + Form, Mandatory, please read
butterbeer cupcakes
 Posted: Mar 31 2017, 02:12 PM
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Partner your site with CFS!
In our best effort to make advertising as painless and effortless as possible we do things a bit differently at Catch the Snitch. Please read through the following rules.

001. All Advertisements must post the mandatory form (below) at the start of their topic.

002. We do not impose a first link or link back separation at this time. Instead we treat all adverts equally and respond to them in a timely fashion. We of course are happy to comply with your site's advertising section and rules as they stand.

003. All ads are posted in this forum. The title should be the site name and the description should divulge any other information you deem fit. Ads may only be bumped once every seven (7) days

005. DOHTML is not permitted in site ads.

006. All ads must provide a workable link to their site. Ads with broken links will be marked pending and removed after 7 days.

007. Absolutely zero advertising or advertising related inquiries are allowed in the cbox. If you are a member you are free to Pm any questions. We have instead a thread here+ that allows members and guests alike to post any questions they have regarding their ad, please use this instead of the cbox.

009. Please let us know if you have closed your site. we will conduct quarterly checks on all ads for activity, but if you do shut your doors, then we would appreciate a heads up, so we can keep our site as up-to-date as possible.

010. every quarter we will clean out all inactive advertisements. Any site that has been inactive for the past 30 days, with no new posts or no posts in the cbox will be archived. Likewise, our ad must be posted on your site to be considered a partner, any site where our ad is no longer posted will automatically be removed. If your ad is removed, you may repost it as a new ad.

[b] Site Name and Link: [/b] Here [b] Your Name on Site:[/b] here [b] First Link or Link Back:[/b] Here [b] Forum Host:[/b] JCINK, INVISIONFREE, PROBOARDS etc. [b]Category of Advert:[/b] Which section does your ad belong to [b] Subforum of your Advert:[/b] which of our sub boards does your site best belong to? [b]Your Ad:[/b] post your advert right here.
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